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The Independent: Brand designs: The lure of the names we know

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If only we all listened to Tim Minchin the world'd be a better place

Cavalli Coke

Just in time for Milan fashion week at the end of September as reported here Coke has unveiled a range of limited edition bottles.

Aside from the PR side of things it does make you wonder whether these moves have an impact on sales or if it's all about the column inches.

"Feeling less like a freak..."

This piece in the New York Times leads on from where Chris Hoy's recent post on the BBC's Olympic blog left off.

It looks at another, almost as enjoyable, spectator sport where you can simply marvel at all the different body types on display in all the very different events. From squat weightlifters to the stretched basketball players it really does show the dedication and specialism required to excel.

back in the game.

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Missle balloons

Ever wanted to get more attention on the motorway? Well these balloons might just be the answer

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